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Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media: Blogging, FaceBook, Twitter…

Social media marketing is an important component to your online success. It's critical to know what people are saying about your brand, and to join the conversation on social networks and blogs.

Savvy marketers can utilize the viral nature of these sites to connect with large groups of people with similar interests. Social media is a powerful tool to build your brand.

Social Media Strategy

As a small business owner, you may not have the time or staff to plan, develop, integrate, and execute a cohesive social media strategy. That's where Aurora Marketing can help. We'll take charge of your social media strategy, execution and management.

Our team of professionals will develop and manage viral marketing campaigns to boost your brand awareness. We'll follow and engage in key conversations that are taking place on blogs and other online social media channels. We'll implement an online communication strategy, which may include any of the following:

  • Becoming the face of your company to the blogging community
  • Managing responses to negative and positive feedback
  • Generating interest and buzz from online videos, blog posts, news articles, and images
  • Monitoring and analyzing social media trends for your business
  • Creating and maintaining visible Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts
  • Developing online content to improve organic search ranking

Ready to get started with Social Media Marketing? Our management prices begin at $240/month…far less than the cost of hiring another employee.

Call 860-655.2283 to discuss requirements for your Social Media Plan.